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Produced by: 馬太太
Transcribed by: 鄺慧明

Zeoi3 gan6 hou2 do1 baak3 fo3 gung1 si1 dou1 zoen3 hang4 pun4 dim2 daai6 cing1 fo3.
Recently, many department stores have been undertaking stocktake clearance sales.

上個星期六, 我都去睇吓有乜平嘅可以買.
Soeng6 go3 sing1 kei4 luk6, ngo5 dou1 heoi3 tai2 haa5 jau5 mat1 peng4 ge3 ho2 ji5 maai5.
Last Saturday, I also went to have a look to see if there was anything cheap I could buy.

Ngo5 heoi3 zo2 kei4 zung1 jat1 gaan1 baak3 fo3 gung1 si1 haang4 haa5.
I went to one of the department stores to walk around a bit.

Di1 je5 zan1 hai6 hou2 peng4.
There were some things which were really cheap.

大量貨品都係低至一折: 電器, 家庭用品, 旅行同埋運動用品都額外再減廿五per cent.
Daai6 loeng6 fo3 ban2 dou1 hai6 dai1 zi3 jat1 zit3: din6 hei3, gaa1 ting4 jung6 ban2, leoi5 hang4 tung4 maai4 wan6 dung6 ban2 dou1 ngaak6 ngoi6 zoi3 gaam2 jaa6 ng5 per cent.
A large quantity of goods were discounted as low as 90% (of the original price): electrical goods, household goods, travel and sporting goods were reduced an additional 25%.

而且購物滿五百蚊, 重會即刻送五百蚊嘅購物券.
Ji4 ce2 kau3 mat6 mun5 ng5 baak3 man1, zung6 wui5 zik1 hak1 sung3 ng5 baak3 man1 ge3 kau3 mat6 hyun3.
Also, if one spent (at least) $500, one would immediately be given a $500 voucher.

Ji4 ngo5 go2 jat6 mou5 maai5 hou2 do1 je5.
Also, I didn’t buy much that day.

Zi2 hai6 maai5 zo2 jat1 zoeng1 soeng1 jan4 ge3 jyu5 jung4 pei5.
I only bought a double bed-sized feather-down quilt.