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Produced by: 馬太太
Transcribed by: 鄺慧明

soeng6 go3 jyut6 jat1 sau2 wu1 hak1 laan4 ge3 daai6 jing4 bou2 kap1 syun4 tung4 jat1 sau2 zung1 gwok3 fo3 syun4 soeng1 zong6 zi1 hau6 cam4 mut6, ceoi4 zo2 cat1 go3 syun4 jyun4 wok6 gau3 zi1 ngoi6, sap6 baat3 go3 syun4 jyun4 sat1 zung1.

Last month, a large Ukrainian supply boat sunk after a crash with a Chinese cargo boat, apart from seven sailors who were rescued, eighteen sailors disappeared.

bou2 kap1 syun4 cam4 mut6 ge3 jat1 go3 sing1 kei4 ji5 loi4, siu1 fong4 waa1 jan4 jat1 gung6 zeon3 hang4 zo2 ng5 sap6 ng5 ci3 ge3 seoi2 dai2 sau2 sok3, zeon3 jap6 syun4 cong1 sau2 gau3.

Over a week after the supply boat sank, firefighter-divers undertook 55 underwater searches, and entered the boat’s cabin.

daan6 hai6 jan1 wai6 jin6 coeng4 seoi2 lau4 taai3 gap1, gaa1 soeng6 hoi2 dai2 nang4 gin3 dou6 fei1 soeng4 zi1 dai1, zang1 gaa1 zo2 sau2 gau3 ge3 naan4 dou6.

But because the current was too strong at the location, and in addition, underwater visibility was extremely low, that increased the difficulty of the recovery.

siu1 fong4 waa1 jan4 ting4 zi2 hoi2 dai2 sau2 sok3 hang4 dung6 zi1 hau6, jau4 sei3 sap6 go3 cim4 seoi2 jyun4 zip3 lik6 zeon3 hang4 daa2 laau4 ge3 gung1 zok3.

After firefighter-divers ceased their underwater search, forty divers alternated in undertaking the recovery work.

jau4 jyu1 hoi2 dai2 hoi2 seoi2 wan6 zuk6, si6 je5 bat1 cing1, jau6 jau5 gap1 lau4, ling6 dou3 daa2 laau4 gung1 zok3 sam6 wai4 gaan1 geoi6.

Due to the turbidity of the water, underwater visibility was unclear, and the strong currents, this made the recovery work extremely difficult.

kam4 jat6 bou2 kap1 syun4 zung1 jyu1 bei2 daa2 laau4 ceot1 seoi2 min6, muk6 cin4 jing4 jin4 jau6 sap6 jat1 go3 syun4 jyun4 haa6 lok6 bat1 ming4.

Yesterday the supply boat was finally brought to the surface; currently there are still eleven sailors who have not been located.