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Wednesday, March 21st, 2007

Monologue: Hairdressing salon

Download - 1:12min
Produced by: 馬太太
Transcribed by: 鄺慧明
Gam1 jat6 ngo5 tung4 ngo5 sai3 lou2 jat1 cai4 heoi3 zo2 faat3 jing4 uk1.
Today I went to a hairdressing salon with my younger brother.
我原本係直頭髮, 但係想改變髮型.
Ngo5 jyun4 bun2 hai6 zik6 tau4 faat3, daan6 hai6 soeng2 goi2 bin3 faat3 jing4.
I originally had straight(ened) hair, but I wanted to change my hairstyle.
So2 […]

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Saturday, March 10th, 2007

Monologue: Shopping

Download - 0:37min
Produced by: 馬太太
Transcribed by: 鄺慧明
Zeoi3 gan6 hou2 do1 baak3 fo3 gung1 si1 dou1 zoen3 hang4 pun4 dim2 daai6 cing1 fo3.
Recently, many department stores have been undertaking stocktake clearance sales.
上個星期六, 我都去睇吓有乜平嘅可以買.
Soeng6 go3 sing1 kei4 luk6, ngo5 dou1 heoi3 tai2 haa5 jau5 mat1 peng4 ge3 ho2 ji5 maai5.
Last Saturday, I also went to have a […]

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Monday, March 5th, 2007

Non-Chinese, Immigrants and Discrimination

Found a video from RTHK featuring several non-Chinese speaking Cantonese. I think my Cantonese is getting much better now, I can listen and understand 80% of the entire program. The program talks about immigrants and discrimination in Hong Kong.

PART 1: 10:23min

PART 2: 10:55min

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