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Saturday, January 19th, 2008

Monologue: Cold Weather Warning

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Hoeng1 gong2 ge3 tin1 man4 toi4 jau5 sap6 zung2 tin1 hei3 ging2 gou3 tung4 maai4 seon3 hou6,
Hong Kong’s Observatory has 10 weather warnings and signals,
其中之一 種係寒冷天氣警告.
Kei4 zung1 zi1 jat1 zung2 hai6 hon4 laang5 tin1 hei3 ging2 gou3.
One of them is cold weather warning.
Dung1 tin1 man4 toi4 faat3 ceot1 ni1 go3 ging2 gou3 ge3 […]

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Tuesday, January 1st, 2008

Picking it back up in 2008

I felt burnt out after nearly 2 years of non-stop studying of Cantonese that I took the last month and a bit off from proactive studying to simply just using what I’ve got and slowly improve on what I already know.
It appears my colleagues are now using Cantonese with me all the time now, and […]

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