I’ve forced myself to watch hours upon hours of TVB series each day recently. Zau2 Dim3 Fung1 Wan4 (酒店風雲)The current series I’ve been watching is (酒店風雲 Zau2 Dim3 Fung1 Wan4). The English title doesn’t translate to the Chinese title but it is “Revolving Door of Vengeance”.

Once I finish watching the entire set, I’ll watch it again. I keep an Online Dictionary by my side to learn new vocabulary as its spoken. I’m quite fluent in Jyutping romanisation, so its quite easy for me to look up definitions quickly. At the moment I can understand about 30-40% of what’s being said overall.

I hope this % improves gradually with watching more series, listening to dialogues, reviewing vocabulary and communicating with natives on a daily basis.