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Ngo5 soeng6 go3 sing1 kei4 heoi3 zo2 jat1 gaan1 bou2 him2 gung1 si1 dou6 gin3 gung1.
Last week I went to an insurance company for a job interview.

Ziu1 ping3 gwong2 gou3 go3 zik1 wai6 giu3 zou6 bou2 him2 gu3 man6.
The job in the recruitment advertisement was called ‘insurance adviser’.

Heoi3 dou6 ngo5 sin1 zi1 dou6*3 jyun4 loi4 zik1 hai6 bou2 him2 ging1 gei2.
Only when I went there did I know that it was actually ‘insurance broker’.

去度嘅時候招待員畀咗一份申請表我, 叫我入去會客室入便填寫.
Heoi3 dou6 ge3 si4 hau6 ziu1 doi6 jyun4 bei2 zo2 jat1 fan6 san1 cing2 biu2 ngo5, giu3 ngo5 jap6 heoi3 wui6 haak3 sat1 jap6 bin6 tin4 se2.
When I got there, the receptionist gave me an application form, and told me to enter the reception room to fill it in.

同我面試嘅唔係人事部嘅職員, 而係保險經理.
Tung4 ngo5 min6 si5 ge3 m4 hai6 jan4 si6 bou6 ge3 zik1 jyun4, ji4 hai6 bou2 him2 ging1 lei5.
(The person) interviewing me was not a personnel department employee, but the insurance manager.

Keoi5 ging2 jin4 jung6 zo2 jat1 go3 bun3 zung1 tau4 tung4 ngo4 zou6 ni1 go3 min6 si5.
He unexpectedly used an hour and a half to do the interview with me.

佢同我講呢個工作可以賺好多錢, 一份保單可以賺三成嘅佣金.
Keoi5 tung4 ngo5 gong2 ni1 go3 gung1 zok3 ho2 ji5 zaan6 hou2 do1 cin4*2, jat1 fan6 bou2 daan1 ho2 ji5 zaan6 saam1 sing4 ge3 jung6 gam1.
He told me that (one can) earn a lot of money doing this job, and get 30% commission for each insurance policy sold.

佢又同我講, 呢份工作唔容易入行, 因為要通過考試先至可以成為保險從業員.
Keoi5 jau6 tung4 ngo5 gong2, ni1 fan6 gung1 zok3 m4 jung4 ji6 jap6 hong4, jan1 wai6 jiu3 tung1 gwo3 haau2 si5 sin1 zi3 ho2 ji5 sing4 wai6 bou2 him2 cung4 jip6 jyun4.
He also told me, it is not easy to enter the profession (through this job), because one must pass an exam before being able to become an insurance employee.

但係我覺得呢份工作唔係好容易, 因為每個月都一定要做夠一定嘅保單限額.
Daan6 hai6 ngo5 gok3 dak1 ni1 fan6 gung1 zok3 m4 hai6 hou2 jung4 ji6, jan1 wai6 mui5 go3 jyut6 dou1 jat1 ding6 jiu3 zou6 gau3 jat1 ding6 ge3 bou2 daan1 haan6 ngaak6*2.
But I think this job is not very easy (to do), because each month one must fulfill an insurance (sales) quota.

Jyu4 gwo2 m4 hai6 go2 go3 jyut6 fan1 fan1 zung1 mou5 loeng4 ceot1.
Otherwise, that month one may not get paid.

So2 ji5 zeoi3 hau6 ngo5 dou1 keoi5 zyut6 ni1 fan6 gung1 zok3.
So I finally rejected this job.

Gam1 ci3 ge3 min6 si5 zan1 hai6 ling6 dou3 ngo5 jan3 zoeng6 sam1 hak1.
This interview really left me with a deep impression.

Produced by my wife and transcribed by Wai Ming. Very much appreciated.