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Here’s a new monologue which Chris J. sent me last week, however, the original MP3 had problems. My wife helped me to record a new version. Thanks all.

cam4 jat6, ngo5 dei6 heoi3 zo2 daai6 bou3 heoi1 fu6 gan6 jaai2 daan1 ce1. ngo5 dei6 zou1 zo2 loeng5 gaa3 saan1 dei6 daan1 ce1, jat1 jat6 daai6 koi3 hai6 cat1 sap6 man1.
Yesterday, we went biking around the Tai Bou Market area. We rented two mountain bikes for one day for about $70.

man6 jyun4 fong1 hoeng3 zi1 hau6 ngo5 dei6 zau6 zik1 si4 hai2 daai6 bou3 heoi1 fu6 gan6 dong6 sat1 lou6. hang4 faan1 zyun3 tau4 jat1 zan6 ngo5 dei6 zau6 ho2 ji5 wan2 faan1 ngaam1 ge3 lou6 heoi3 daai6 mei5 duk1.
After asking for directions, we promptly got lost around the Tai Bou area. After a bit of backtracking, we managed to get on the right course towards Tai Mei Tuk.

go2 jat6 ge3 tin1 hei3 hou2 hou2. jau5 siu2 siu2 fung1, siu2 siu2 waan4, tung4 maai4 wan1 dou6 daai6 koi3 hai6 waa4 si6 cat1 sap6 dou6.
The weather that day was fantastic. There was a slight wind, scattered clouds, and a temperature of about 70F.

ngo5 dei6 caai2 daan1 ce1 heoi3 zo2 go3 gung1 jyun4*2. jau4 go2 dou6 ngo5 dei6 ho2 ji5 tai2 dou3 hoeng1 gong2 zung1 man4 daai6 hok6 tung4 maa5 on1 saan1. Kerry hoi1 tau4 m4 seon3 ngo5, zik6 dou3 ngo5 zi2 bei2 keoi5 tai2 hoeng1 gong2 zung1 man4 daai6 hok6 hai2 bin1.
We biked to a public park. From the view there, we could see both CUHK and Ma On Shan. Kerry didn’t believe me at first, until I pointed out where CUHK was.

gan1 zyu6 ngo5 dei6 zau6 jat1 zik6 caai2 heoi3 daai6 mei5 duk1. tiu4 lou6 daai6 bou6 fan6 dou1 hou2 ping4, ceoi4 zo2 jau5 siu2 siu2 soeng5 saan1 ge3 lou6.
Afterwards, we took a long route towards Tai Mei Tuk. For the most part, it was a flat route, with only one slight uphill section.

lou6 ge3 loeng5 bin1 jau5 hou2 do1 saam1 cang4 lau4 ge3 cyun1 uk1. jau5 di1 cyun1 uk1 ge3 mun4 hou2 leng3 hou2 hou4 waa4, daan6 jau5 di1 zau6 hou2 po3 gau6.
Along the way, there were many three level village style houses. Some had very elaborate doors and gates, and others looked very squalid.

zeoi3 hau6 ngo5 dei6 heoi3 zo2 jat1 go3 seoi2 baa3 go2 dou6 tung4 maai4 gin3 dou3*2 jat1 go3 giu3 maa5 si2 zau1 ge3 dei6 fong1. go3 seoi2 fu3 hou2 leng3, tung4 maai4 hou2 do1 jan4 hai2 go2 dou6 fong3 fung1 zaang1 diu3 jyu4*2.
At the very end, we biked over a dam and saw Horse Shit Island. The reservoir was beautiful here, and there were many people flying kites and fishing along the dam.