I went to Delifrance with an overseas-born Chinese guy. He ordered and spoke only English with an Australian accent, and was replied back in Cantonese.

When I ordered in Cantonese “呢個朱古力酥唔該 - ni1 go3 zyu1 gu2*1 lik6*1 sou1 m4 goi1 - this chocolate croissant please”, I was replied back in English “fourteen dollars”. I even said “我想增值八達通一百蚊 - ngo5 soeng2 zang1 zik6 baat3 daat6 tung1 jat1 baak3 man1 - I want to add $100 to my Octopus card”, and was replied in English “put there then OK”.

I normally don’t have a problem when someone speaks English to me not knowing my Cantonese level as I don’t really look like the locals, but being replied back in English especially when I spoke Cantonese first is pretty rude. I think I need many more years in Hong Kong to finally get used to ignorance.

Lastly, I went to the local TV store in Tuen Mun to look for LCD TVs the other week. I ask the questions in Cantonese and the guy looks to my wife and answers. He didn’t even look at me or give me a chance to see if I could understand, I’m simply ignored and he continues to be quite pushy to my wife - 死纏爛打 - sei2 cin4 laan6 daa2.