After 1 year and 8 months of study, this is how my Cantonese sounds like in an impromptu speech. This was not scripted and the words just came freely from my brain without translations. So its all automatic so I’m bound to make some obvious mistakes.

For example, I said 不嬲 bat1 lau1, but should have said (經常 ging1 soeng4 / 成日 seng4 jat6). Also I used 觀點與角度 gun1 dim2 jyu5 gok3 dou6 incorrectly, but I knew these simple mistakes would definitely show when nervously recording.

When I first started learning, I only had to say a few words and get “praised”. Now I get criticised for bad accent and tone mistakes.

I really hope you can understand what I am saying, any comments?

Download - 00:58min