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Saturday, January 27th, 2007

Monologue: The Bank

Download - 1:09min
Produced by: 馬太太
Transcribed by: 鄺慧明
Ngan4 hong4 fuk6 mou6 baau1 kut3 cyun4 fun2 wu6 hau2.
Bank services include bank accounts.
存款戶口分為儲蓄戶口, 定期存款戶口同埋往來戶口.
Cyun4 fun2 wu6 hau2 fan1 wai6 cyu5 cuk1 wu6 hau2, ding6 kei4 cyun4 fun2 wu6 hau2 tung4 maai4 wong5 loi4 wu6 hau2.
Bank accounts are divided into savings accounts, (fixed) term deposit accounts, and current accounts.
儲蓄戶口可以處理日常嘅存錢, […]

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Wednesday, January 17th, 2007

Monologue: The Post Office

Download - 0:55min
Produced by: 馬太太
Transcribed by: 鄺慧明
Ngo5 hai2 hoeng1 gong2 jau4 zing3 jap6 bin6 gung1 zok3.
I work at Hong Kong Post.
Ngo5 ge3 zik1 wai6 hai6 haak3 wu6 fuk6 mou6 jyun4.
My position is client service officer.
Ngo5 ge3 zyu2 jiu3 zik1 zaak3 baau1 kut3 tai4 gung1 giu2 fai3 fuk6 mou6.
My main responsibilities include providing bill payment service.
例如市民可以喺郵局繳交水費, […]

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Wednesday, January 10th, 2007

Monologue: Interview

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Ngo5 soeng6 go3 sing1 kei4 heoi3 zo2 jat1 gaan1 bou2 him2 gung1 si1 dou6 gin3 gung1.
Last week I went to an insurance company for a job interview.
Ziu1 ping3 gwong2 gou3 go3 zik1 wai6 giu3 zou6 bou2 him2 gu3 man6.
The job in the recruitment advertisement was called ‘insurance adviser’.
Heoi3 dou6 ngo5 sin1 zi1 dou6*3 […]

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Tuesday, January 9th, 2007

When in Rome do as the Romans do

The Cantonese have an idiom 入鄉隨俗 jap6 hoeng1 ceoi4 zuk6. Living in Hong Kong, I expect people to speak to me in Cantonese. When you are in Australia, I’m happy to speak to you in English. I came to Hong Kong with the mission to improve my Cantonese, everyday I wake up hoping […]

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Thursday, January 4th, 2007

How Steve kaufmann learnt Cantonese

Last year I asked Steve Kaufmann of The Linguist how he learnt Cantonese. He incredibly speaks 9 languages quite fluently. I’m so impressed with his Mandarin that I had to find out what was his secret to success.
Here is the link to my email [Steve Kaufmann’s Blog (Learning Cantonese)]
It only took him […]

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