I can’t wait until the day I can speak as fluent as Ho Kwok Wing. I seem to be speaking better day by day, though reaching Ho Kwok Wing’s level of fluency and vocabulary seem so unreachable.

I have come to realise that having a native-like accent and intonation would be unachievable. Even though we all possess different language abilities, I have always tried to compare my potential with Ho Kwok Wing. We both have a similar Australian accent when speaking English and started Cantonese as an adult.

I saw Ho Kwok Wing in Her Fatal Ways 4 (表姐,妳好嘢!) the other day on Cable-TV, and I was amazed that his fluency and pronunciation was the exact same 13 years ago as today.

I once asked Ho Kwok Wing in Whampoa Gardens how long it took him to speak Cantonese well. He indicated that he only needed 1 year in Hong Kong, though I don’t know what he thought speaking Cantonese well meant.

My motivation and inspiration come from the daily improvements I have already achieved, and the goal to speak as well as Ho Kwok Wing.

PART 1: 8:21min PART 2: 10:17min